Yasha Jacob Grobman is a professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion, the founding director of the Technion Computational Design research group (T_CODE), and an award-winning, practicing architect.
The primary focus of Dr. Grobman’s scholarly pursuits lies in the realm of architectural computational design. His endeavors encompass the development of pioneering digital methodologies and tools for the purpose of design and fabrication of sustainable architecture. Driven by his vision, he advocates for an expanded scope of architectural performance simulation, encompassing not only environmental and structural aspects but also the perceptual and behavioral dimensions of architectural space.
Concurrently with his scholarly undertakings, Professor Grobman exercises his architectural expertise as a practitioner affiliated with Grobman Architects (GAR), an esteemed architectural firm (Grobman Architects (GAR)). Within this capacity, he employs his projects as a testing ground for his research concepts, and as a platform to promote cutting-edge technological advancements within architectural practice. Many of his endeavors emerge as triumphant results of prestigious design competitions, exemplified by the Porter School of Environmental Studies building at Tel Aviv University.
From 2019 to 2022, Prof. Grobman assumed the role of dean within the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion. Prior to his deanship, he had held various administrative positions at the institution, including associate dean for student affairs and chair of the Center for Architectural Research and Development.
Involved in a number of professional activities, he is the associate editor of the Architectural Science Review journal and a member of the Israeli National Building Research Institute, and an invited jury member in national and international design competitions and awards.
Prof. Groban is co-author of several books, including the 2011 book “Performalism — Between Form, Function, and Performance in Contemporary Architecture,” and the author or editor of more than 90 other refereed publications. In addition, he has been an invited speaker at numerous architectural schools and his work was exhibited in architectural exhibitions around the world. He has also received numerous awards and research grants including: First place in the 2017 AEC Excellence Awards in the sustainability category for the design of the Porter School for Environmental Studies building; Yuli Ofer 2009 First Prize for Advancement of Architecture, Israeli Science Foundation personal research grant and the EU Horizon 2020 FET open Grant.